Sunday, December 29, 2019

Smart Scents

I like this because I love aromatherapy … and I’m lazy…


Alexa turn on aromatherapy, please. I have a couple of aromatherapy diffusers. They don’t get used that much. When I think about using them, I’m usually stressed out or tired and frankly too lazy to mix the oils and blend them with water. Then I was sent information on a diffuser with bluetooth capability. Does that mean I can turn it on and off and schedule fragrance to fill the room right when I need it, from my smartphone or even by voice control? Yes.

The Aera Smart Aromatherapy Diffuser can be operated via the Aerodome mobile app (available in the Apple Store and Google Play). You can set times and intensity levels and have the Aera “play” automatically at certain times throughout the day. The Smart Diffuser ($200) is controlled via WiFi using the app or through Amazon Alexa. You just plug it in and pop in a fragrance capsule. The fragrance capsules are $55 per blend, to which I thought “Ouch!” but the aromatherapy capsules don’t require mixing and there’s no residue from flame, smoke or oils. Plus you get 500 hours of diffusing. 

The Aera fragrances and essential oils are sustainably sourced and are hypoallergenic, making them safe for children and pets. Aera also has a partnership with Aromatherapy Associates London for a wellness line collection of essential oil blends. I’m currently using De-Stress Mind, a focusing and calming blend of frankincense, petitgrain and wild chamomile that is perfect for work or during yoga and meditation. 

So how does it work? Microdroplet technology converts liquid fragrance compounds into tiny droplets, which burst into billions of fragrance molecules to blend with ambient air. Fragrance ingredients are released so that the scent is experienced in its entirely—i.e. base, middle and top notes all at once. You experience a scent free of alcohol, propellants and other harmful VOCs. Fragrance strength is adjustable and you can also control the Smart Diffuser manually. If you don’t want to use WiFi at all, you can save money by buying the Touch Diffuser ($150). 

Aera For Home currently has a special collection available featuring Snowfall, Sugar & Spice and Hot Toddy scents for the holidays. 

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