Wednesday, December 25, 2019

How to Harness a Positive Mindset by Using Intention Scenting

As the year draws to an end, I often start reflecting on the past twelve months and then set new intentions for the year ahead. I usually set daily intentions, but it was especially important to do so during the winter solstice, as well as during the new moon and partial solar eclipse later this evening. 

This year I discovered a new way of setting intentions:


Intention Scenting: I started using the Intention Gifting Set from Pinrose, which was a special gift set offered for St. Valentine’s Day. It included Pinrose’s Rollerball Kit (nine rollerballs of each Pinrose scent), a deck of intention cards and a rose quartz (a bonus for V-Day since rose quartz crystals help open the heart chakra and promote unconditional love), and a step-by-step guide to Intention Scenting. Intention scenting is pairing a fragrance with an intention (mindful commitment to yourself). It is meant to add a moment of self-care during your beauty routine by helping you “harness the power of a positive mindset throughout your day.” There are nine positive intentions (such as Gratitude, Strength, Optimism, Intuition) with each fragrance based on the mood and feeling each scent evokes.

As instructed I shuffled the nine intention cards face down and thought about something I needed clarity and guidance on in my life. I then fanned the cards out face down in front of me and let my “energy” guide me to a card. I picked Secret Genius — the guardian of Intuition. Secret Genius encourages you to tap into your intuitive inner-voice. 

The kit guides you through a moment of self-reflection and I mindfully applied the fragrance while setting an intention to start my day with a positive mindset. (As you smell the fragrance on you throughout your day, it serves as a gentle reminder of your intention.)

Today I chose the Tambourine Dreamer card. Tambourine Dreamer is the spirit of gratitude, who helps remind us of the abundance of the universe. It says she is also supportive during high days of celebration (like Christmas) and moments of pure love between friends and family. Very fitting. Tambourine Dreamer helps you appreciate the bounty of your life. The fragrance is lovely and uplifting. 

Pinrose currently offers a similar kit, the Good Intentions Kit ($25), which comes with eight Good Intention Cards and eight 0.5 fl oz, eau de parfum sprays.

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