Friday, February 14, 2020

Help for Dry, Winter Skin: Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter

Cold air, brisk winds, dry indoor heatwinter can sometimes sap you of energy and vitality. Imagine what it’s doing to your skin. 

Shea butter is one of my favorite skincare ingredients, since my skin can get super dry.  Shea (pronounced shee) is from the karite nut tree and has many skin benefits including reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and soothing irritating skin conditions such as eczema.

Nubian Heritage (also one of my favorites)’s Raw Shea Butter Collection is a must for my moisture-deprived skin, especially since I’ve been spending time at the indoor pool at the Y—all that chlorinated water is just adding to the problem. 

The products contain age-defying ingredients. Along with shea butter,soy milk and Frankincense and myrrh extracts nourish and protect the skin:

EXFOLIATE. To help keep skin hydrated you need to remove dead skin cells, clearing the way for ingredients to penetrate the skin to provide smoothing, soothing and healing. The Raw Shea Butter Hand & Body Scrub (SRP $12.99), is a moisturizing sugar scrub with frankincense and myrrh to gently remove dull, flaky cells to reveal healthier looking and smoother skin.

CLEANSE.  During the winter you need to switch to ultra-moisturizing cleansers.  Nubian Heritages’s Raw Shea Butter Body Wash (SRP $10.99) and Body Bar (SRP $4.99) do the trick. The Body Wash contains shea butter, vitamin E, soy milk with coconut oil cleaners. The Body Bar has softening ingredients that are great for those of use who tend to wash their hands frequently during the winter months, to keep hands and body from getting stripped of natural oils.

MOISTURIZE. Raw Shea Butter Body Lotion (SRP $10.99) contains unrefined African Shea butter, vitamin E and nourishing soy milk to revitalize lifeless-looking skin.  

HANDS-ON HYDRATION.  My fingertips tend to get cracked, especially the thumbs, which can be painful. Raw Shea Butter Hand Cream (SRP $9.99) is nutrient rich to keep hands hydrated and free from cracked, peeling skin.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Smart Birdy Gives You Wings

Cue the fireworks, my absolute favorite find from 2019 was…


Carry-On Couture for the Runway.  Though my favorite things of 2019 list wasn’t in any particular order, I must admit I’ve been thrilled with my Smart Birdy Wings Jetsetter Case, so it is my number one favorite find of last year and I hope to take it to fabulous new destinations in 2020. 

I have it in gorgeous Rose Gold and I always get comments about how “precious” and “adorable” it is. In fact, a flight attendant stopped in the middle of her boarding announcement to compliment my luggage as I boarded the plane.

Abby (“AList”) Listo, founder and designer of Smart Birdy, used to travel with a favorite hatbox that she used in place of a suitcase. It worked well enough (in fact, receiving compliments) that she reconstructed the hatbox into an actual suitcase eventually using the design to create this chic and fashionable case.

Described as “carry-on couture,” this small hatbox-shaped suitcase can hold up to 50-plus outfits/items (depending on your packing expertise). The Smart Birdy comes with a phone battery charger and the removable power bank is TSA approved. It also has 360-degree Rose Gold wheels, bottom support handle, an exterior computer sleeve that can hold a 15-inch laptop, making it easy for removal at the security check, a clip-on shoulder strap, key cord pocket and USB cord. 

One thing I really love is that it is compact enough to fit into even those irritatingly small overhead bins on certain planes (and I certainly don’t want to check it!) In the event that you are forced to check it, there is a tote bag to keep your suitcase secure and hopefully clean and undamaged. Other accessories include an expandable shoe console, which keeps shoes separate from your clothing, a hot tool holder, an organizational jewelry case, wristlet clutch, Bluetooth speaker, laundry bag and silk pouch.

Smart Birdy is available in vegan leather or real leather trim and in a wide range of colors. The price depends on the style and features, starting from $699 (sale price) and up.

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