Thursday, December 26, 2019

A Byoot of a Suit

Here's another favorite find of the year, that I wish I was wearing and enjoying at a hot destination right now!


What a Relief! One of the most ingenious finds of the year happened to be a one-piece swimsuit. Due to what I call a battle scar from surgery (and a little bit of vanity), I’ve abandoned two-piece swimsuits and bikinis. But one-pieces do pose a minor problem. During a trip of sun, fun and rum punch, while lounging at the pool I kept taking bathroom breaks. If you wear one-pieces, you know how frustrating it can be to remove a coverup, pull down a wet bathing suit, then pull it back up. It’s a pain! 

So fellow one-piece swimsuit wearers, do I have a swimsuit for you! I was sent a Byoót suit for review in my style column and I was relieved (in more ways than one). 

Byoót swimsuits have buttons at the sides for easy bathroom-break access. At first I was nervous about the buttons falling off, as buttons often do, but so far so good. I just make sure to test the tightness of the buttons when I wear it, but they’re pretty secure.

The swimsuits run small, so if you’re on the border of two sizes, they suggest that you choose the larger of the two. The Byoót suit comes in various styles. The Classic Black Suit above is $99.

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