Tuesday, December 24, 2019

How to Be Comfy on Christmas

Continuing on with my second favorite thing from 2019…


Have a Comfy Christmas. The Comfy is a perfect thing to post on Christmas Eve because (in red or burgundy) it reminds me of a Santa costume, especially when worn with the matching Comfy Feet slippers. I’m sure it would keep Santa warm at the North Pole. Oh, and crazy enough, there are, or perhaps I should say were special holiday Comfys in Santa, Reindeer and Elf designs for both kids and adults. At this time, most are sold-out. 

The original Comfy (in one size fits all for adults and teens), has a huge hood, giant front pocket (big enough to hold your smartphone, but don’t, just don’t!), and is made of velvety soft fleece, with a fluffy sherpa fleece lining (100% polyester—so it can be machine washed and tumble dried on a low setting). Wearing The Comfy is much better than my trying to write while snuggled up in flannel sheets on my bed, which is what I was doing when the cold weather set in, before the heat was on. At least now I can be warm in this comfortable combination blanket and sweatshirt, working at a desk like a normal person, without getting carpal tunnel, neck and shoulder pains, or falling asleep. Plus, it’s hard to get up and move around draped in a blanket! 

The Comfy ($44.99) and Comfy Feet ($14.99) are sold at several stores and online sites.

For more information visit the comfy.com

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