Monday, October 26, 2009

Energy Balance Treatments

There are several healing aids used in energy balance treatments such as the Arkansas quartz crystals used in the Crystal Energy Balancing Therapy treatment at the Turtle Cove Spa.
[PHOTO: Courtesy of Turtle Cove Spa]

The number of energy balance treatments being offered at spas has increased quite a bit since 2006 when I had one such treatment at a resort in St. Lucia. After that experience I began to realize that there was something to this.

Energy balance massage was originated by therapist/chiropractor Mark Brown, a founding member of the Australian Holistic Healers Association. This process of massage works on the principle of moving blocks of stagnant energy in the body. These blocks of stagnant energy are believed to be associated with physical, mental or emotional problems or imbalance. Energy balance treatments are designed to clear these blockages and enhance the body’s own natural healing energy.

There are many variations of energy balance treatments as well as different methods in which to achieve balance, such as the use of crystals, hot stones, tuning forks and sound vibration. The massage therapist determines where the imbalance or blocks are occurring within the body and aims to unblock the client’s chakras (energy centers) through massaging the points on the body that align with certain energy fields.

As energy in the body is released and reintegrated, clients have been known to experience emotional or physical pain relief and increased energy. Many recount certain sensations, involuntary reactions such as twitching, warm rushes and tingling. Still others have reported experiencing visual acuity in which colors appear brighter and objects seem to have increased clarity, or feelings of centeredness and heightened awareness similar to what one achieves through deep meditation.

The effects are unique to each individual. My experience added a new phenomenon to the list: I had the sensation of floating above the massage table, and, with eyes closed, visualized myself flying high above the vivid green valley between the Pitons. Read more here.


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