Monday, December 30, 2019

Eye SEE You: Sexy Specs from SEE Eyewear

Oh, say can you SEE…


Photo: Gerrie Summers

A Must: SEE. My favorite thing to wear in 2019 (which started in 2017) was bold eyewear — following the lead of Oprah, Gayle King and Al Roker — matching fashionable eye glasses to clothing (only they can afford it!) It’s a funny thing actually, considering the fact that I hated them so much when I was in grade school. Of course eyewear has changed a lot since then. 

I decided to start wearing statement eye glasses as a treat for myself after losing my dreadlocks to chemotherapy. [You can read more about it in my personal essay, Changing the Frame, in the Sisters from AARP newsletter.]  

I needed a new look and a boost in mood and confidence. One day I spotted blue octagon-shaped sunglasses in the window of SEE Eyewear in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn and I was hooked.

Favorite eye glasses with my favorite activity (spa-ing)
Photo: Brandon Harrington/Courtesy of Wellness Month

Then SEE Eyewear opened a store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and I was treated to a brand new pair to review in my New York Lifestyles Magazine Style section. SEE stands for Selective Eyewear Elements and features eyewear selections that are the closest one can get to custom eyeglasses. The company produces a limited number of each frame, only two per color, per city or store, or limited edition frames. It’s addicting.

Photo: Gerrie Summers

SEE has over 45 stores nationwide. For more information, visit

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