Friday, November 10, 2017

Survivor Eyes

One thing I didn’t think about when it came to hair loss from chemotherapy was that I’d lose my eyebrows. It was subtle. I always had thick brows that I thought made me look angry, so I plucked them to make them thinner and arched. Then one day I looked at myself in the mirror, trying to figure out why I looked a bit different and realized my eyebrows were gone. A feature of my face that I abused over the years with tweezers, had disappeared. 

Since I wear eyeglasses, this change wasn’t shocking.There were days when I needed to go somewhere other than the infusion suite, and I made a feeble attempt to use a brow pencil or powder to draw brows on my face. I soon gave up since I didn’t have any guidance for where they should be. Plus my brow pencils and other brow products weren’t that helpful without hair to adhere to. Enter SurvivorEyes. 

SurvivorEyes are brow stencils created by Elizabeth “Lisa” Brambilla, a breast cancer survivor. The stencils come in 10 brow templates to complement different face shapes. The SurvivorEyes BrowStyle Kit ($39.95) features Sormé Cosmetics and is available in three shade palettes, (Soft Blonde, Brunette and Dark Brown) with guidelines for placement and a dual-sided cosmetic applicator, presented in a drawstring bag. Each unique stencil shape has a name “Faith,” “Courage,” “Warrior” or “Determination” to inspire strength. My “brows” looked natural and I continued to use the kit for shaping once my eyebrows grew back in.

If you want to use your own brow makeup, you can purchase the SurvivorEyes Brow Stencil Kit for $14.95 which contains eyebrow stencils, a dual-sided application brush and instructions for care and use.

For more information visit Note: A sample was provided for review.

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